Here, we defy stereotypes, shatter myths and celebrate black fatherhood everyday. Here is a place where we encourage, teach, support and share tips that can help all fathers become better dads. Though marred by a racially driven and media amplified stigma that has lead the world to perceive black fathers as widely missing in action, inactive or simply unfit parents, we continue thrive. This is the driving force behind The Dad Gang.


The Dad Gang, founded by Sean Williams in November 2016, started as an instagram page focused exclusively on reflecting positive images of active black dads, in an effort to shatter the negative stereotypes that has marred the image of black fathers for years. It has since grown into a conscious social community of dads on a mission to change the way the world views black fatherhood by hosting fun, socially impactful events centered around celebrating active dads and their children. These heavily attended events serve 2 main purposes: 1 – To provide a safe space for young and old dads of color to bond with their children and each other. Creating a sense of brotherhood amongst fathers. 2 – Provide The Dad Gang’s creative team with original, genuine content that candidly captures the true essence of black fatherhood, which we then share with the world. Our goal is to bring The Dad Gang to every major city, spreading the word and showing proof that black fathers are in fact very present and active in our children’s lives. We aim to set the new standard of what black fatherhood looks like worldwide. Only then can we change the narrative and normalize the strong presence of black dads in today’s society.